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Tast-ller, a unique experience in Barcelona in an intimate restaurant

Tast-Ller is a restaurant that bets on market cuisine, in a different environment where they make you feel as if it were your home, something that seduces, a different way to celebrate any event, something intimate and very personal, with the explanations of each dish by chef Mikel Peinador, which make it a unique, very pleasant and close experience. A workshop of flavors.

Tast-Ller was created in its beginnings as a “dinner at the chef's house” concept restaurant in the Borne area, later it was moved to a spacious loft “Tast-Ller [15 Loft]” in Barri Gotic, and now Mikel Peinador's kitchen again opens its doors in the Eixample area with the new “Tast-Ller [Espai Gastronomiko]. A space that has capacity for about 12 diners with a unique Basque cuisine concept in Barcelona. A spacious place, with separate tables and avant-garde decoration with works by the Chef himself.

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Carrer de Viladomat 137, 08015 Barcelona.
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Open restaurant: Today Sunday, Lunch: 13:00h -17:00h. dinner: h - h. all days


Metro: Rocafort (L1), Urgell (L1)
Parking: C Viladomat, 140
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